Nikki Munkley – Partner

Hello there!

My career began in healthcare in 1987 when I attended the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, England and graduated as a Registered Nurse. Although my original intention was to specialize in the field of Intensive Care, my genuine love of life and travel led to my commencing training to become a registered midwife and I graduated from the University of Worcester, England in 1993. I worked as a Registered Midwife until I immigrated to Canada in May 2002, becoming registered here in July 2003.

I have known my husband since we were teenagers and I am devoted to my family, being the proud mum of two fabulous children and a dog. Both my labours and deliveries were with midwives and amazing experiences that changed my life.

Consequently, my lifelong passion is to assist women giving birth, however it is experienced. I have a vision that one day water birth will be a choice for women and accepted as a safe and effective way to give birth, both in the hospital setting as well as at home. It is from experience that I can say that giving birth is truly one of life’s most empowering and intense experiences. I feel blessed to be sharing in this unique and special time with you!