Carrie Taylor

My family had such a wonderful experience because of the Talbot Creek Midwives. They were so professional and wonderful. The appointments before having the baby were great, all my questions were answered and I was always given lots of information to make choices. I was given the chance to meet and get to know all of the midwives, so that when the time would come for me to have the baby I would feel comfortable.

This was my third baby, my first two were hospital births, and this was the best experience by far. The day Canyon (my new baby) was born Nikki came to my home, I was asked if it was okay for a senior midwifery student to come too. I felt honored for Danya, the senior student, to be there, I had met her at a pervious appointment and felt comfortable having her there so I of course said yes. Nikki and Danya spent the morning with me as labour gradually increased and in the afternoon as it heated up they were wonderful and encouraging and always built my confidence in what my body was doing and how I was feeling. It was so much more relaxing and comforting to be in my own home.

My other children who were10 and 6 years old were in our home playing video games and watching tv, while I was labouring, waiting for their chance to see their brother be born.
The experience for them was great too, they got to see something few kids their age have seen. My husband spent a good part of the day playing with them to pass the time.

Danya and Nikki were amazing thoughout labour. I had lots of choices with labour, they wanted me to be comfortable. I spent some time sitting on a big yoga ball. The day went by very fast. As the baby was being born they were wonderful. I was given great guidence with controlling the pushing. Dayna skillfully delivered Canyon with Niiki’s supervision. They were so compassionate during the painful part.

Janet came when it was close to the time the baby would be born to be there for him. When Canyon was born he weighed 10 lbs 10 oz and was wonderful and healthy. The care for him was great. My kids got to run outside and tell all the neighbours who had all been waiting and watching the house for signs of their new neighbours arrival.

I was so grateful because the of their skill and guidence in pushing I had no damage to the perineum and felt so good after the birth. My recovery seemed very fast.

That night I felt like a queen with my new baby, my own bed, my own bathroom and the wonderful food my husband brought up to me after such a great day and experience for all.

The after care was terrific too. We had home visits the first week, it was so nice to be visited here and to not have to take the baby out those first days. What a blessing these wonderful women are. Their practice here in St.Thomas and area will truly be a gift to so many women and their babies and family.

Carrie Taylor

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